Dec 04, 2022

Audio Visual Documentation for the Civil and Family Law Courthouse

The latest versions of the Audio Visual User Guides for the Civil and Family Law Courthouse, 3055 Cleveland Avenue are available for download - For Attorneys and Litigants.

 Important Note: Bring Cables and Adapters ******************************

Attorneys and litigants are responsible for bringing or making arrangements for presentation devices and are also responsible for bringing the cables and adaptors necessary to connect to the courtroom AV system.  Courtroom AV capability and all input  connections are detailed in this manual so that parties presenting in the courtrooms will know in advance what connectors and cables will work. Spare cables, adaptors, etc. are not available in any of the courtrooms.  Please bring what you will need.

Civil and Family Courthouse - Audio Visual User Guide for Attorneys and Litigants 
Please note this Audio Visual documentation only Applies to the Courtrooms for the New Civil and Family Law Courthouse at 3055 Cleveland Avenue, Santa Rosa CA 94503

Civil and Family Courthouse - Audio Visual Media Center Handout for Attorneys and Litigants (one page document)

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