Feb 09, 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016, 3:30 p.m.
Courtroom 17 – Hon. Gary Nadler
3035 Cleveland Avenue, Suite 200, Santa Rosa 

CourtCall is available for those required to appear unless it is noted that a MANDATORY PERSONAL APPEARANCE IS REQUIRED.  Please contact CourtCall directly by calling (888) 882-6878.

The tentative rulings will become the ruling of the Court unless a party desires to be heard. If you desire to appear and present oral argument, YOU MUST NOTIFY Judge Nadler’s Judicial Assistant by telephone at (707) 521-6725 and all other opposing parties of your intent to appear no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled hearing date.


The following cases are required to appear at 3:30 p.m.:

MCV-233983, American Express Bank, FSB v. Hunt

SCV-245076, Bower v. Wells Fargo Bank

SCV-257484, O’Brien Watters & Davis, LLP v. Parsons

SCV-257600, Woolsey v. Gerard


The following cases will be DISMISSED by the Court unless a party to the action requests a hearing:  

SCV-244982, Cost v. Goldman (complaint filed 4/27/09 will be dismissed)

SCV-245043, Laskey v. Pacific Gas & Electric Company (Does 1-6000 will be dismissed)

SCV-245097, Rudd v. McCutchan (cross-complaint filed 9/24/09 and third amended cross-complaint filed 2/4/10 will be dismissed)


The following cases will be set for trial with notice to follow (no appearance is required on 2/11/16):



The following cases will be continued to a further OSC or CMC calendar in Courtroom 17 (no appearance is required on 2/11/16):



The following cases have been dropped for various reasons:

MCV-234048, Autovest, LLC v. Murray – dismissal filed 12/22/15

SCV-244985, Liang v. Levy – cross-complaint dismissed 2/5/16

SCV-244996, Hall v. Meinken – dismissal filed 1/8/16

SCV-245110, Bakaleinikoff v. American Storage – complaint and all cross-complaints dismissed

SCV-257383, Bank of America v. Morgan – judgment entered 1/7/16

SCV-257612, Ford v. Wrobel -- at judge’s request following review of counsel’s declaration 

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