Jan 22, 2021
Friday, January 22, 2021, 8:30 a.m.
Courtroom 19 – Hon. Gary Nadler
3055 Cleveland Avenue, Santa Rosa, California
In accordance with the Addendum to First Amended Omnibus Order of the Presiding Judge issued May 27, 2020, only those persons with court hearings in criminal actions shall enter a Sonoma County Superior Court facility. Until further notice, all matters set for hearing in this courtroom shall be heard remotely through Zoom. No party or representative of a party may appear personally in Courtroom 19. CourtCall is not permitted for this calendar.
Department 19 Hearings
MeetingID: 857-0848-8569
Password: 410765
By Phone (same meeting ID and password as listed for each calendar):
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
The following cases will be called on the Civil Trial and/or Trial Motions Calendars. All trial counsel and self-represented litigants are required to appear in Courtroom 19 via Zoom before the Hon. Gary Nadler. Telephonic appearances are not permitted. Cases not assigned for trial will be placed on the calendar to trail for the week. Cases not reached by Friday will be reset and given a priority status.
SCV-264327, Paulsen v. Midpen Housing Corporation
SCV-259071, Wild Oak Homeowners v. Simons
SCV-264422, County of Sonoma v. Ludwig Case set for 3/11/21 OSC 3:30 pm #19



For Jury Trials:
YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that the protection of public health and safety in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant interference with the Superior Court services and proceedings.  CIVIL JURY TRIALS WILL NOT BE HELD IN JANUARY OR FEBRUARY 2021. ALL CIVIL JURY TRIALS SET IN JANUARY AND FEBRUARY 2021 ARE VACATED.

However, YOU MUST APPEAR on the presently scheduled Friday, 8:30 calendar date, which will now function as a trial resetting hearing.  The Court will discuss with the parties a new trial date and may address items described in California Rules of Court, Rules 3.722, 3.724, and 3.727. 

YOU ARE HEREBY FURTHER NOTIFIED THAT counsel and self-represented litigants are NOT REQUIRED to file trial documents at this time as set forth in the Trial Orders of the Court and in the Local Rules. 

For Court Trials:

You are receiving this notice because you presently have a court trial set in Department 19 during 2020, or January or February 2021.  In light of the need to protect public health and safety as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a significant interference with the Superior Court services and proceedings.  The Civil Courthouse remains closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, subject to further order. As a result, the Court makes the following orders with regard to court trials set in 2020:


ALL CIVIL COURT TRIALS REMAIN AS SET IN JANUARY AND FEBRUARY 2021. Such trials are limited to trials conducted by remote appearance (via Zoom) only.  Further, all appearances shall include video as well as audio utilizing the Zoom platform.


All parties/counsel are ordered to meet and confer upon receipt of this notice as to the following matters:

a. To determine whether ALL parties agree to a trial via Zoom;

b. If so, as to the manner of exchanging exhibits;

c. Whether all witnesses and exhibits will be available for presentation via Zoom. In that regard, unless ALL witnesses will be attending via Zoom, the trial may not proceed at this time; and

d. Any other issues concerning the procedure. Each party is directed to electronically file and serve a short, informal status update with the Court, at least 2 calendars days prior to the Friday, 8:30 a.m. calendar date, addressing each of the above items.  Any questions or issues regarding these policies or procedures must be brought to the attention of the Court before commencement of the court trial and before signing the acknowledgment and stipulation below.


The Stipulation must be submitted for filing, via eFile, with a fileable cover page.  Failure to return this stipulation by all counsel, no later than 10 court days prior to either the trial or the trial readiness hearing, whichever is sooner, will cause the trial to be continued.


By signing the stipulation, each party and counsel, if represented, confirm the following:

a. All parties they represent are capable and willing to attend trial via Zoom, and must have video enabled throughout the trial.

b. Each party’s witnesses are capable and willing to attend trial via Zoom, and must have video enabled throughout their testimony.

c. Any and all experts retained are capable and willing to attend trial via Zoom, and must have video enabled throughout their testimony.


If any party, or any witness, cannot comply with the requirements here set forth, or if all parties do not agree to the stipulation, the matter will be continued.



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