Dec 04, 2022

Probate Court Services

Location: Civil and Family Law Courthouse, 3055 Cleveland Avenue, Santa Rosa CA 95403
Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM Mon-Fri
Court Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mon-Fri
(707) 521-6650


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Probate Examiner

Probate Examiner
3055 Cleveland Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

The probate examiner reviews financial accountings and other documents filed in trusts and decedents’ estates, to ensure compliance with the Probate Code, state and local court rules and the policies of the Court. As a result of this review, the examiner may identify procedural deficiencies or other concerns that need to be further addressed before the judge can rule on the petition. The Court’s tentative rulings on calendared matters are posted on the court"s website, usually before noon on the day preceding the hearing. The Probate Tentative rulings can be accessed by clicking here.

Hearings concerning trusts and decedents’ estates are generally held in Courtroom 18, located at Civil and Family Law Courthouse, 3055 Cleveland Avenue, Santa Rosa CA 95403.  Probate documents should be filed at the Probate Window in the Family Law Department, located across the hall from Courtroom 18.

The probate examiner, clerks, and other court personnel are prohibited by law from giving legal advice. You should obtain counsel of your own choice to answer questions or assist with legal matters. The Court cannot recommend an attorney. You may call the Sonoma County Lawyer Referral Service at (707) 546-5297, or the Council on Aging Senior Legal Services at (707) 525-1146.

Probate Court Investigator

Office of the Probate Court Investigator
600 Administration Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Phone: (707) 521-6586
Fax: (707) 521-6793

Please note that mail must be addressed to the Probate Examiner when regarding a decedent estate or a trust and addressed to the Probate Court Investigator when regarding a conservatorship, Special Needs Trust or Guardianship of the Estate. Failure to correctly designate the office to which the mail is intended will result in unnecessary delays.

Copies of documents to be provided to the Probate Court Investigators Office can be left with the Probate Clerks, at the Probate Clerks window for inter-office mail distribution. These packets should be in a separate envelope clearly marked as addressed to our office. They will not be file stamped or otherwise managed by the clerks, only sent to delivery to us. They must be kept separate from documents needing to be filed.

The Probate Court Investigator/Examiner assists the court in all matters concerning conservatorships, guardianships and special needs trusts, to include but not limited to:

All petitions involving conservatorships of the person, the estate or both to include sales of real & personal property and substituted judgements.

**All petitions involving guardianships of the estate ONLY.

Petitions for approval of accounts of trustee of special needs trusts

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