Oct 07, 2022

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Civil Cases from July 01, 2021 to September 30, 2021 .
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Please Note: As the online calendars are updated once daily, at 5 a.m., Monday-Friday, some current changes may not be available on-line until the 5 a.m. update. If you are unable to find your case on-line, or need more information, please contact the Court Clerks Office in person, or by phone at 707-521-6500.

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1) If you know the case number, use case number search for fastest results (e.g. SFL-12345 or 12345)
2) If you know the case name, type in part of case name (e.g. JOHN)
3) If you want to search by party's name or attorney's name:
- Typically party/attorney's name is entered as Lastname, Firstname (i.e. DOE, JOHN) and it is not case sensitive.
- If you don't find your record, try typing DOE only or JOHN only and narrow the search results using the date range.

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