Jul 30, 2016

Civil Case Calendar

PLEASE NOTE: The Court is conversion to a new case management system. The case and calendar search information will be unavailable on the Court’s website from August 24, 2016 through September 30th, 2016. Research requests during this time must be submitted to the Clerk’s office. Applicable fees for research and copies will apply.

Civil Cases from July 12, 2016 to September 13, 2016 .
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Please Note: As the online calendars are updated once daily, at 5 a.m., Monday-Friday, some current changes may not be available on-line until the 5 a.m. update. If you are unable to find your case on-line, or need more information, please contact the Court Clerks Office in person, or by phone at 707-521-6500.

Search Tips:
1) If you know the case number, use case number search for fastest results (e.g. SFL-12345 or 12345)
2) If you know the case name, type in part of case name (e.g. JOHN)
3) If you want to search by party's name or attorney's name:
- Typically party/attorney's name is entered as Lastname, Firstname (i.e. DOE, JOHN) and it is not case sensitive.
- If you don't find your record, try typing DOE only or JOHN only and narrow the search results using the date range.

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