Jun 28, 2022

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These press releases are placed on the Superior Court of California, County of Sonoma's website for research purposes.

Press Release of Recent Filings

The press releases of recent filings are lists of the case numbers assigned to actions in the civil division. The lists inserted as press releases approximately four business days after the date on which the cases are filed. The information contained in the press releases includes the names of the litigants (plaintiffs/defendants, petitioners/respondents), the names and addresses of counsel (usually only for plaintiffs as these are recent filings), a brief description (one or two words) of the type of action, and the date the action was filed. There are six categories of filings in civil division and these are distinguished by the three-letter prefix in front of the case number.

    MCV = Limited Civil Cases (actions seeking $25,000.00 or less in redress)
    MSC = Small Claims Cases (actions seeking $7,500.00 or less in redress)
    SCV = Unlimited Civil Cases (actions seeking more than $25,000.00 in redress)
    SFL = Family Law Actions (dissolution of marriage, legal separation, nullity, domestic violence, etc)
    SPR = Probate (decedents' estates, conservatorships of persons and estates, guardianships, name changes, etc)

Hard Copies of these files are available in the Courts Civil Division:

Sonoma County Hall of Justice
Room 107J
600 Administration Drive
Santa Rosa CA 95403

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