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The Court Provides Services By Divisions

Court Divisions are organized to administrate the court services needed to provide fair and equal justice to our citizens.

  • Accounting

    The Accounting Division is responsible for the collection of non-delinquent court ordered fines. Statements are mailed the first week of each month.

  • Archived Records

    The Records Division handles a wide range of archived documents that pertain to Civil, Family Law, and Probate filings. Copies of documents may be obtained by sending a Archived Record Request Form.

  • Civil

    The Civil Division processes legal disputes brought by parties to recover money, real or personal property; enforce a contract; collect damages for injuries; or protect a party's civil rights.

  • Collections

    Collections provides direct assistance in order to facilitate payment of delinquent fines and fees. Fines and fees may be related Criminal, Traffic, Family Law or Jury matters.

  • Criminal

    The Criminal Division files, processes, and maintains misdemeanor and felony records filed by the District Attorney, State Attorney General or other agencies. Criminal Calendars are posted daily at Room 105J.

  • Family Law

    This division handles family law cases, domestic partnership dissolutions, child support agency cases, adoptions, guardianships and terminations of parental rights and emancipations.

  • Juvenile

    Court has jurisdiction over court related matters for minors. The Juvenile Division is comprised of two units: dependency and delinquency Both Units respond to issues involving children.

  • Probate

    Processes matters that can include wills, conservatorships, guardianships, mental health or LPS petitions, compromise of minor claims, petitions for change of name and special trusts

  • Small Claims

    Sonoma Superior Court Self-Help Center provides procedural and legal information to Small Claims Litigants regarding their rights and responsibilities under California law.

  • Traffic

    Files citations received by law enforcement agencies. Most citations can be resolved without appearing in court, by paying the bail or paying the bail along with requesting traffic school or providing proof of correction.

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