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Probate Tentative Rulings


PROBATE MATTERS - To have the Tentative Ruling read to you by phone, please call: (707)- 521-6607 between the hours of 2 pm – 4 pm the day before the hearing. Please see the phone number below for requesting oral argument to the tentative ruling.

  • Probate Calendar: Probate matters requiring notice to be placed on the calendar must be filed by 4:00 PM on Tuesday three weeks prior to the assigned hearing date.

The following refers to Tentative rulings for the regular Probate Calendar.

  • Limited Conservatorship Tentative Rulings are usually available the day before the hearing after 2:00 PM.
  • Guardianship Tentative Rulings are usually available the day before the hearing after 11:00 AM
  • If the tentative ruling is accepted, no appearance is necessary unless otherwise indicated.
  • Oral Argument - If you wish to be heard in response to the tentative ruling, you must call (707)521-6893 and leave a brief message that includes the case name and number and the party requesting argument. Any interested party who wishes to be heard in opposition to a petition must also notify all other parties of your intent to appear, or the attorney for all other parties of your intent to appear. Both notifications must be completed no later than 4:00 PM on the court day immediately preceding the day of the hearing.
  • Unless notification has been given as provided above, the tentative rulings shall become the rulings of the court at the hearing.

Probate Tentative Rulings are provided for:

  • Case Management Calendar
  • Conservatorships & Guardianship of Estate

  • Estates & Other Probate

  • Guardianship Calendar

  • Limited Conservatorship Calendar

  • Trust

  • Probate Law & Motion

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