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Sonoma County Superior Court to Offer Online Ability to Pay Tool for Infractions!

To find out more about this tool scroll down to the News and Notices section on the Sonoma Court website home page or the Traffic Division Home page.
To view or download a PDF version of the notice click here. The MyCitations tool can be found directly at

Domestic Violence

If you are in danger now, call 911

Domestic Violence - Family Law


If you are in danger now, call 911

Websites you visit on any device may be viewed by someone else later. Be sure to clear your browsing history after browsing the web. Other options include using a friend's computer or a library computer.

Domestic Violence Instructions Packet

There is no fee for a Request for Order (Domestic Violence Prevention).

Hand printed forms using either blue or black ink will be accepted for filing as long as they are legible.

Choose from the following two form packets. You will need to fill them out and bring them to the Clerk’s Office for the review by the judicial officer:
Domestic Violence without children:

Domestic Violenece with children:

For Information you can find an instructional forms packet at:

ON ALL FORMS: It is important that you complete the information regarding the person to be restrained, especially the Name, Sex, Race, and Date of Birth. If you do not know the date of birth, please, estimate the person's age.

CLETS (California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System)

If a temporary or permanent restraining order is granted, the information contained on the restraining order will be entered into the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS) the same date the order is granted if the necessary information is provided on the forms. Be sure to complete the identifying information sections on the restraining order to ensure prompt entry into CLETS.


Included in this package are the instructions you will need to fill out and file with the Family Law Clerk's Office to get a Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order.

List of Forms (*fillable online)

There is no fee for a Request for Order (Domestic Violence Prevention).

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