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Interpreter Information

WHY - Even if you speak English well for everyday situations, the legal language used in court cases can be very difficult to understand. A court interpreter helps you communicate with the court in the language you are comfortable speaking.

WHAT - A court interpreter WILL interpret everything that is said in court. They will interpret what the judge and court staff say into your language and will interpret everything you say into English.

A court interpreter WILL NOT give you legal advice. They cannot answer your questions or explain what is happening in court. They can only interpret your questions so that the judge or others can answer them.

WHO - Court interpreters are specially trained to help you in court. A court interpreter:

speaks English and your language extremely well knows legal terms in both languages and understands the legal process.

WHERE - Tell the clerk—as soon as possible—that you need an interpreter. The court may provide one for free. In some cases, you might need to bring your own interpreter.

Please see the flyers below for more information about working with and requesting a Court Interpreter. 

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