Jan 23, 2021

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Access to the courts for all Limited English Proficient individuals is critical not just to guarantee access to justice in our state, but to ensure the legitimacy of our system of justice and the trust and confidence of Californians in our court system. The Sonoma County Superior Court is committed to providing language access to persons that would benefit from interpreter assistance. Interpreter assistance includes spoken as well as sign languages. Pursuant to Assembly Bill No. 1657, the Court will provide interpreter services free of charge to all parties and witnesses in all case types. Any person needing an interpreter may identify his or her language need by completing and filing a Request for Interpreter form at least 10 days in advance of the hearing or event, if possible.

This form is available online in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Lao; at any of the Clerk’s Offices; or the Self-Help Center located at 3055 Cleveland Avenue, 1st floor.

How to Get an Interpreter (in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Lao).

How does the court interpreter assist?
Spoken language court interpreters assist all parties and witnesses who speak or understand little or no English in court proceedings and events (for example: arraignments, motions, pretrial conferences, preliminary hearings, trials, mediations). Sign language interpreters interpret for all parties and jurors who are deaf or hard of hearing in all court proceedings and events.

All court interpreters possess a high level of education, an extensive vocabulary, and knowledge about legal terms in order to assist individuals with limited English language skills. Court interpreters shift between two different languages, in real time, accounting for different types of speech and grammar, without changing the language register of the speaker. Court interpreters are not advocates and therefore cannot provide legal assistance or advice.

For information about the California Court Interpreters Program, please visit  California Judicial Branch Language Access Support Program.



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